Vermon was established in 1984 with the objective of advancing the state of the art in ultrasonic phased array transducer design, and has become a world leader in piezoelectric composite transducer technology. It serves OEM system manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America with high quality, high performance transducers and probes for a variety of diagnostic imaging applications. Vermon's manufacturing facilities include: - 10,000 sq. ft environmentally controlled production area, in-house tooling design and fabrication, computer controlled dicing saws for composite and array fabrication, electroplating facilities, vacuum encapsulation equipment, moulding equipment, environmental chambers for temperature, humidity and special chemical compatibility tests, sophisticated transducer modelling software, CAD tools for mechanical and electrical design, computer based automated acoustic testing systems and Steris One R system for testing probe materials for Steris compatibility. In 1995, Vermon USA was established in Lewistown, Pennsylvania to better serve customers in North America.