Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), the largest technical university in the Baltic States, is the second largest institution of higher education of Lithuania. KTU scientists take part in different international programmes. International research co-operation and activities are mainly related to participation in European Union framework, EUREKA, and COST programmes. The University has signed 70 agreements of co-operation with different foreign institutions. The Ultrasound Institute has experience in many applications of ultrasonic techniques for the aerospace industry, and nuclear industries, space research, monitoring of various manufacturing processes, ultrasonic flow measurements of gases and liquids, development of NDT techniques for composite materials, etc. 5 members of the Institute possess a Level 3 in ultrasonic non-destructive testing according to EN473 and are members of the Commission of Experts for Qualification of Non-Destructive Tests (COENDT). Research activities: ultrasonic NDT&E, ultrasonic industrial measurements, simulation and signal processing in ultrasonic measurements, investigation of material properties by ultrasonic techniques.